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Kitty Yiu 姚侶卿

Map Technician (Former)
Nature Photographer (Hobbyist)
Retail Salesperson (Occupational)

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"The world is Round as you see it!"

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My *ISTJ Strengths

*Introverted Sensing Thinking Judging (MBTI assessment)
  • Resourceful
  • I use open-learning resources to assist expanding my inter-related skills & development upgrades, and personal intellectual growth.

  • Articulate
  • I tend to verbally explaining things in simplify manner, yet my detailed writing often supports logical reasoning when communicate ideas.

  • Organize
  • I organize my thoughts, tasks, or inquiries in order of importance. Sequences, consistency, & clarity are my key attributes for delivering high work standard from existing resources at different settings.

  • Practical
  • I analyse different opportunities in decision-makings and choose the most practical way that should results in the best outcomes while minimizes constraints or trade-offs.

  • Sequential
  • I seek sequences within multi-tasking to maintain consistency and order in everyday routines.

  • Collaborative
  • I intake different feedback and excerpt the positive values within different ideas to compromise my function in relation to peers’ diverse working styles, which supports teamwork efficiency reaching common goals.


Volunteer Assistant

Nov 2015 - July 2017

Evergreen Canada
(Don Valley Brick Works)

Toronto, ON

Key contributions:

  • Exceeded 160+ hrs (3-7 hrs / shift) of services in general container plants care (hydration, trimming), inventory receiving & stocking of merchandises, & light custodial duties at the Market Garden store.

Market Assistants are based in the semi-outdoor section, they ensure plant materials in containers to thrive throughout all four seasons; hence, the role involved physical labour sometimes under less optimal weather conditions.

Volunteer Mentor

June 2016 - Jan 2017

Canada Learning Code

Toronto, ON

Key contributions:

Tutored at "HTML5 & CSS Workshops for Adults" (6 hrs / shift) with 5 to 30+ beginner-level learners (4:1 students to mentor ratio):

  • Build a one-page website from scratch
  • Online Resume with CSS

Work Experience

Retail Salesperson

2018 - Present

IKEA Canada


Role emphasizes teamwork to actively responsible for department specific duties with customer service and health & safety standards for allowing positive shopping experience in a store, contributing overall store’s weekly sales goal.


Key contributions:

  • HQ commercial FY20 review achieved a high score for Market Hall Department merchandising basics.

Jr. GIS Specialist

2013 - 2014

Klohn Crippen Berger Ltd.

Calgary, AB

Role emphasized strong GIS data research, processing, analytical skills, with positive attitude and ability to coordinate with the GIS team’s workflows, and appropriately prioritized conflicting GIS map request from multi-disciplinary teams.

Key contributions:

  • Responsible for drafting reference maps of mining sites in Northern Alberta that were used by the engineers or technicians for environmental analysis, site inspections, or map figures in reports.
  • Contributed to quality control of post-process of raw GPS data, vector data edits, GIS metadata documentation updates.

GIS Internship

2011 - 2013

National Energy Board (present Canada Energy Regulator)

Calgary, AB

Mapping Technician role supported the routine operations of GIS mapping & info services, & internal GIS services implementation as part of a GIS Team.


Key contributions:

  • Responsible for customized printed maps of regulated oil & gas pipelines in Canada, as requested by internal clients for various operational needs.
  • Ensured accurate internal GIS maps, data extractions, georeference locations reported of pipeline incidents (accidents, land violations).
  • Significantly improved corporation’s map visualization standards. Customized 500+ GIS maps for internal & public publications.

GIS Internship

2008 - 2009

City of Markham

Markham, ON

Technical Assistant role emphasized applying the theoretical and practical knowledge learned from the Geographic Analysis undergraduate program into community benefit of the GIS industry through formalize entry-level GIS work training at a municipal government setting.

Literacy Skills


  • Site Analysis (Small Area)
  • Open Learning
  • Info Services
  • Quality Control
  • Arithmetic
  • Spreadsheet
  • Geodatabase


  • Freehand Drafting (Gardens)
  • Urban Horticulture (Theory)
  • JavaScript ES6 (Webmapping JS)
  • jQuery ($)
  • Web Design (Bootstrap 4)


  • Writing
  • Mapping (GIS/GPS)
  • Photography (Landscape)
  • Creative

Technical Proficiency

Core Expertise:

GIS Mapping / Digital Cartography (Front-End Services)

(As of Nov 2021)

Proprietary Softwares:

  • Esri ArcGIS Desktop 10.1/9.x + ArcSDE
    ▸ ArcEditor (3.5 yrs workplace)
    ▸ ArcInfo (7 yrs academic)
  • Esri ArcGIS 10.x
    ▸ Personal Use Program (3 yrs self-learn, proficient)
  • Garmin etrex20 handheld GPS (4.5 yrs self-learn, proficient)
  • Adobe Creative Cloud
    ▸ Lightroom, Photoshop, InDesign (1.5 yrs self-learn, beginner)

Open-Sources Softwares:

  • Esri ArcGIS Online (4 yrs workplace, 5 yrs self-learn)
  • Esri ArcGIS Earth (1 yr self-learn)
  • Leaflet.js v1.x / v0.7.7 + OpenStreetMap (2 yrs self-learn, beginner + on-going)
  • QGIS 3.16 Hannover / 2.18 Las Palmas / 2.14 Essen (3 yrs self-learn + on-going)
  • CartoDB (1 yr self-learn)

Novice Proficiency:

  • Esri ArcGIS JS API v4.4 / v3.17 (1 yr self-learn + on-going)
  • Google Maps API v3 (0.5 yr self-learn)
  • Avenza MAPublisher 9.1 + Adobe CS5 Illustrator (1 yr academic, 2.5 self-learn)
  • Trimble GPS Path-Finder (1 yr workplace)
  • AutoCAD
    ▸ 2012 version (1 yr workplace)
    ▸ Map 3D 2010 (1 yr academic)

General OS/App User:


Graduate Certificate in Landscape Design

Conferred S2021

(present) Toronto Metropolitan University

Ryerson University

Toronto, ON

Graduate Certificate in Applied Digital Geography & GIS

Conferred S2010

Ryerson University

Toronto, ON

BA in Geographic Analysis

Conferred S2010

Ryerson University

Toronto, ON

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